Eric Walton

Eric Walton (bigwalton) – Secretary

 I can't say that I fell in love with Scramblers when I was a kid and I couldn't tell you when I first saw one. I can say that I remember loving CJs in general for as long as I remember. I liked trucks and all too, but not as much as Jeeps. I didn't come from a "Jeep" family and we didn' t own one until my sister got a 97 Cherokee. Somehow though, I was always into cars and fixing them, though I knew nothing about cars and had to learn from Chilton's and Haynes manuals.

When I was finally able to think about getting my own Jeep, I started searching the internet for info, because I'm an info junkie. I randomly came across a picture of an Alaskan Postal Scrambler one night and I fell in love with it. Given how rare they were, I dismissed the idea of ever finding one and went back to research. A number of weeks later, I randomly came across a link to a site where a guy in Anchorage was selling two of them cheap. My brother happened to have relocated to Alaska and needed to come home to MD at the end of the summer. Long story short, we hatched a plan for me to fly up there, buy one, fix it up and drive it home with his crap and a lot of tools and spare parts packed in back.

I've been around the SOA ever since and have met great people and made long-lasting friendships, I even made it to a National and hope to get to the 2010 event. I look forward to helping the SOA serve the members and continue to grow.