SOA President and Secretary Positions Announced

Post date: May 23, 2019 4:31:38 PM

Two nominations were made and accepted during the nomination period. Gary Nix  was nominated for the SOA  President  and Travis Forcier was nominated for the SOA Secretary.  The board accepted the  nominations and each one has been recognized as winner by default.  The SOA Board welcomes these two to their respective positions on the SOA Board.  They will assume the new roles on October 1, 2019.  

Congratulations to Gary and Travis!

The board is now opening nominations for these two positions. Nominations will close on 7/31/19 and a vote will take place 9/30/19 for positions with more than one nominated candidate. Elected officers are expected to take the position immediately after announcement of voting results, starting with the October board meeting. Currently Gary Nix has accepted a nomination for President and Travis Forcier has accepted a nomination for Secretary.

Note that the SOA holds elections in July to maximize the amount of time that new officers have prior to having to carry out the next National event, so as to minimize any disruption in planning. Therefore, these two positions will be up for vote again in July of 2021 to get back onto the normal election schedule.