Extreme Trail - Coyote Canyon

[B]Extreme Group - SOA National Scramble 2014 - Coyote Canyon[/B]

One of the trails that are being planned for the Extreme Group will be `Coyote Canyon’.

Tentative plans are to run this trail first thing Friday morning May 9 and then hit close by Area BFE for the remainder of the day.

This trail is managed by the Moab Field Office (MFO) of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)).   There limit (1) group of (7) vehicles max per day.

There is a non-fee registration/application process (which can be submitted 60 days prior at the earliest).   We are required to supply the MFO with the license plate numbers of each vehicle in our group.  We are allowed to list (2) alternate vehicles at the time-of submitting the registration. Only seven of the registered vehicles will be allowed to run Coyote Canyon on the date secured by the group.

This will be on a first come first served basis.

To get your name on the list you must first register for theNational Scramble, post in this thread that you plan to run this trail and email your tag # to:  [email]officers@cj-8.org[/email]

National Scramble registration link:  [url]http://www.cj-8.org/2012-national-scramble[/url]

[B]Registration for Coyote Canyon trail cut-off will be Saturday March 8, 2014.[/B]

MFO Registration/application will be submitted to the MFO Monday March 10, 2014.

Please review the information below plus the BLM link to ensure you and your rig can meet the requirements before committing.


[B][U]Extreme Group - Vehicle Requirements [/U][/B]

The following outlines the suggested vehicle requirements for ‘Extreme’ trails.

[B]Extreme: [/B]

This category is reserved for the most difficult obstacles/trails and is intended for hardcore drivers with a highly modified vehicle only! Extremely dangerous situations; maximum ground clearance, and lowest gears necessary. Body damage, breakage, and rollovers are highly possible/probable, if not guaranteed!  It is STRONGLY recommended that Scramblers in this class have the following: Spare tire, jack, fire extinguisher, tow strap, tow points front and rear (no welded hooks), seat belts for all passengers, secured battery, first-aid kit, cb radio, a minimum of a 36" tire, two lockers required, roll cage and working winch required.

It should be noted that you should bring a rig that is in optimum operating condition. These trails WILL find the weak link in your Scrambler. If a condition exists in your Jeep that will cause an issue on the trail, please correct it prior to arriving in Moab. Additionally, bring appropriate tools, spare parts and fluids to maintain/repair your Jeep while on the trail or back in town. Moab does have a number of automotive repair facilities and parts stores but this won't help much if your rig is broke down 20 miles from town.

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