George Farrish

George Farrish (GSCRAM)

I live in the small town of Brandon just outside of Jackson, MS. I am one of the few that purchased their Scrambler brand new right off the dealer's lot. This all happened in 1982 when I tore the boot off of the CV joint on my Subaru Brat while playing on some property I have in North Carolina. I convinced my wife that we had to have a more durable vehicle and the the new Jeep Scrambler was the one to buy.  We lived in Valdosta, GA at the time and purchased our Scrambler from the dealer there. For the next 15 years it became my daily driver. I never really took it off road until the first National Scrambler event and quickly became hooked.

I have been a member of the SOA for a while and look forward to helping the organization reach its full potential.