Jason Adams

Jason Adams (chiefwaho) – Vice President jason.adams@cj-8.org

I am from a small rural town of 500 located in Southeast Kansas.  I have lived there all my life except one year spent in Oklahoma as a kid.  My family has always been the do it yourself type which is handy if you’re going to own Jeeps.Wow where to start!  I guess?  I was first bit by the Jeep bug in the early 90’s when I purchased my first Jeep a 77 CJ5.  Several Jeeps (CJ5’s, CJ7’s, CJ8’s,  XJ’s) have come and gone but Scramblers won my heart. 

The only Jeeps I regret getting rid of to date have been Scramblers, still kicking myself for one in particular. I first became associated with the SOA like most of you thru the Internet.  After being Scrambler less for a couple of years I began looking for a Scrambler and ran across the cj-8.com site.  I found one listed within a few hours of home, purchased it done a few modifications and thought I was ready to do some wheeling.  My first real off road experience was attending the 1st Annual SOA National Scramble.  I was so blown away by the friendliness of the fellow Scrambler owners I have not missed a National to date (5 years).  I have truly met some great folks and have gained many good friends from these events.

My dad and I are such Scrambler nuts that we bought an 81 Scrambler off Craigslist that was located in Washington State.  It had been in storage for 7 or 8 years and was not running.  We had a cousin of ours from Northern California pick it up and haul it back to his shop.  We flew out to California worked on it for several days and drove it home 1900 miles to Kansas.  It was one of the best adventures of my life.Currently between my dad and I we have 11 Scramblers, 6 run and drive and the others are torn down waiting restoration.I look forward to serving my fellow Scrambler community.